[Scientific Research Report Series] Academician Xu Chong-Yu: Water Resources Management, Urban Flood Control and Sponge City Construction in Norway
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Academician Xu Chong-Yu is making an academic report

On June 14, 2023, at the invitation of Prof. Zhang Qiang from the Center for Global Change and Water Cycle Research, Advanced Interdisciplinary Institute of Environment and Ecology, Beijing Normal University, academician Xu Chong-Yu from the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oslo, Norway, gave a lecture on "Water Resources Management, Urban Flood Control and Sponge City Construction in Norway".

Professor Xu Chong-Yu is the member of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, and a member of the Norwegian Academy of Engineering. He is the honorary professor of Beijing Normal University and Hohai University. He has long been engaged in global environmental change and hydrological and water resources response, and hydrological simulation research. He has been awarded the World Meteorological Organization Distinguished Young Scientist Award, Nordic Hydrological Society Lifetime Achievement Award, International Water Association Publication Award, Overseas Distinguished Scholar of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Overseas Reviewer of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Reviewer of IPCC Assessment Report, Global Highly Cited Scientist.

Firstly Prof. Zhang Qiang introduced Academician Xu Chong-Yu and expressed his warm welcome to his visit. After that, Academician Xu gave a wonderful report from five aspects: Norway's physical geography, Norway's flood and geohazard forecasting warning system, Norway's national flood risk mapping, Norway's urban flood simulation and sponge city construction, Norway's water resources management and hydropower development utilization. Academician Xu Chong-Yu introduced us to Norway's experience in water resources management, urban flood control and sponge city construction, and also shared the practices and cases of flood and geohazard forecasting warning systems, water resources management and hydropower development utilization in Norway. The content is in-depth and provided us with a deeper understanding and solutions to the problems and challenges encountered in these areas.


Academician Xu Chong-Yu and students are interacting and discussing

During the lecture, the students actively participated and asked many insightful questions. When the students asked questions about hydrological models, they asked what hydrological models are used in water resources management in China and how effective they are. Academician Xu patiently answered the question, explaining in detail the models used in China for hydrological modeling and sharing the effectiveness and limitations of the models in practical applications. Academician Xu also answered questions from other students regarding the technical details of flood warning systems, the practical challenges of sponge city construction, and the sustainability of water management strategies. These questions led to exciting discussions and gave the students a deeper understanding of the unique experiences of China and Norway in water resources management and urban flood control.


Academician Xu Chong-Yu and Professor Zhang Qiang with students

At the end of the lecture, the students expressed that they had benefited a lot and took pictures with Academician Xu. This interaction and cooperation provided them with valuable opportunities to communicate with internationally renowned experts, and brought inspiration and motivation for their future academic research and career development. Thanks to Academician Xu for his wonderful lecture!

Advanced Interdisciplinary Institue of Environment and Ecology, Beijing Normal University

19 June 2023