Mission & Vision

Advanced Interdisciplinary Institute of Environment and Ecology (ADIIEE) aims to explore the scientific frontiers and tackle major scientific and technological challenges that cannot be solve by a single discipline. We emphasize to integrate the strengths from multiple disciplines and conduct researches and tackle challenges through interdisciplinary collaborations. We aim at meeting the national needs of developing world-class higher education and advanced technology center, leading the research and innovation frontiers in the environmental and ecological field at international levels, and establishing a world-renowned interdisciplinary research and innovation highland in sustainable development, and supporting university’s "double first-class" construction and "one body and two wings" development goals.

ADIIEE is established and operated under the supervision by the Council. The Council is the supreme governing and executive body of ADIIEE. The Council is responsible for evaluating the rules and regulations, strategic development goals and plans, and progress reports of ADIIEE. The Council is also responsible for assessing and consulting the progress of the building of talent teams and the achievements of scientific research and innovation of ADIIEE.